About Us


POSH REVIVED was founded by two business women: Designer Catherine Lucie-Horber, owner of Royal Interior Design Ltd & Mirna Mensour owner of Handle This! Together joined  forces  to create a powerful and unique niche of beautiful custom luxury pieces..

They  both shared a  passion for ravishingly alluring and interesting designs and a combined vision of what they both wanted to offer their clients which inspired them  to start their very own unique product lines.


Providing high quality products with versatile designs  that are beautiful as well as functional that customers can  use in any space is very important to both Posh Revived founders.  They want their customers to experience a stress free  decision making  process knowing that all the work and research has already been made for them.

Using inspirational sources from all over the world, the Posh Revived mandate is to culminate all kinds of exquisite key features they love and find interesting and incorporate them into various styles of custom pieces.


Mirna Mensour

Mirna Mensour is the proud owner of Handle This and Co-Founder of Posh Revived.


Having been the owner and operator of  multiple  business ventures for over a decade, she understands the importance of impeccable customer service and excellence!

Her international commerce, production manufacturing, process experience  combined with her  resourceful and inquisitive skills  are instrumental in the planning and  implementation phases of the Posh Revived production process. 

Mirna's design  interest and never ending  spark for pretty & beautiful designs  made her the perfect partner as a co-founder with Catherine-Lucie Horber.

Catherine-Lucie Horber

Designer Catherine-Lucie Horber is the proud Owner of Royal Interior Design ltd  and Co-Founder of Posh Revived.

With a business degree and design education she has undertaken multiple  hundreds of creative designs under her belt within her  firm established for over a decade.  

She understands and appreciates the importance of  form, balance & function within a design. 

Her passion and drive to source unique elements for her clients have been the catalyst of motivation to found a unique niche company "Posh Revived" that could cater to specific client needs.

Her  extensive business and marketing skills, creativity and design vision have been the perfect compliment to her co-founder Mirna Mensour.